Ashley 2020 Superintendent Letter

Ashley 2020

The process:

The purpose of Ashley 2020 was to review and renew the school districts vision and mission statements.  In addition, we wanted to identify areas of district need and plan for our future.  Using this information, the result is a strategic plan the district will follow for the next three years. 

Doug Bush, Associate Superintendent of the Gratiot Isabella Regional Education Service District helped lead the process.  Twenty-four participants met over two evenings to establish this strategic plan. The participants represented: school board members, teachers, administrators, custodians, parapros, secretaries, bus drivers, athletics, parents, students and community members. Many of these individuals represented multiple areas. A series of small and large group exercises created opportunities for everyone’s ideas to be presented and prioritized. The participants utilized the prioritized list to establish goals, which will help the district reach the vision.  Over the next three years, we will work on these goals.

What is next?

 The district will use this strategic plan as a guide when planning programing, budgeting, staffing and making other important decisions. Each identified goal has a list of strategies to help achieve the goal. Some of the strategies identify a fundraising or enrollment committee to achieve a goal. Anyone who is interested in helping with a committee should contact the Superintendent’s office.

Thank you

I want to thank all of the participants who took time out of their very busy schedules to participate in this process. With this document, we will plan a great future for our students.


Jeff Rohrer
Ashley Community Schools