Ashley 2021

Mission Statement

Ashley Community Schools will provide a quality education with a variety of learning experiences, developing students with strong character and excellent work ethic, who are prepared for college and life after high school to become contributing members of society.

Vision Statement

Ashley Community Schools will deliver a quality education using adequate resources to ensure expanded educational programs and extracurricular activities while providing a dynamic, safe learning environment utilizing a committed staff. 


  1. By 2020 we will increase student enrollment to 300 by adding 10-15 students each year
  2. By 2020 we will double the existing local funding through donations and grants to $40,000 a year in three years
  3. By 2020 we will offer, facilitate and support Advanced Placement Classes, Dual Enrollment and Art K-12
  4. By 2020 Ashley Schools will increase and retain personnel as student enrollment, programs, and additional mandated state requirements expand.

Defined Goals

Letter from the Superintendent

Ashley 2020 Participants

Board members

Anmarie Andrews
Kurt Densmore
Jim Fabus
Steve Hardman
Cindy Wilson

Staff members

Leota Long
Teresa Ward
Mike Burlingame
Traci Gavenda
Adrian Cervini
Lori Harmon
Marti Bontrager
Sandy Slowinski
Jeff Rohrer
Joe Shaw
Sarah Frisbie

Community members

Library Board member Sherry Cook
Bruce Anderson


Stephanie Studt
Lynnette Keller
Linda Brown
Lynne Burlingame


Nick Burlingame
Madison Howe