What is STEM?

STEM is more than just science, technology, engineering and mathematics!
STEM is problem solving.  
STEM is learning by doing.  
STEM is hands-on.  
STEM is learning to think outside the box.  

There's a lot of things that STEM can encompass...

ROV test in the water

The year long STEM class tested the ROV that they designed and built together this year all by themselves with little redesign necessary.  The first test was meant as a buoyancy test and to test the maneuverability of the vehicle.  After removing some excess flotation devices it ran really well and pretty fast for what we were expecting.  Next we will get to test the on board lighted camera and add devices to scoop and measure.  This will be the real test in whether we could compete.  Thank you Mrs. Slowinski for letting us use your pool in the name of science!