School Board

Ashley Community Schools
Board of Education

 Board meets at 7:00pm the 3rd Monday of the month in the Media Center (* exceptions)

Board work sessions on the first Monday of each month are scheduled as needed.

Board Of Education Members

Anmarie Andrews - President  anmarieandrews@yahoo.com
Steve Hardman - Vice-President  Hardman.Steve@yahoo.com
Cindy Wilson - Secretary  cmwilson0411@gmail.com
Kurt Densmore - Treasurer  shootnfowl@yahoo.com
Jim Fabus - Trustee  jfabus@gaic.com
Loretta Schneider - Trustee  Lettykinkead@gmail.com
Lynne Burlingame - Trustee    Lynne.Burlingame@midmichigan.org

2019-2020 Board Meeting Dates
Meeting Minutes

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